..I love you, Phil.

Happy 5th year Phanniversary!! Also thanks to punchihowell for helping me with the dialogue :D

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"Dan and Phil. That has to be a classic Youtube ship. What is their ship name though? Drill!"

—Pewdiepie (x)

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this is one of the cutest Phan moments

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Dan’s reply game is strong.

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theres never a bad time for loads of 2009 phan pictures :D

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Felix pls O.O

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fall out boy went to dan and phil’s booth at the teen awards early because they wanted to say hi to them and if you don’t think that’s the cutest thing ever then don’t talk to me

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"Can we talk about dan and phil’s matching blouses for a second here?"

—Alice Levine, voicing everyone’s thoughts right now. (via lethallester)

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